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One of The Dangerous Revolver In The World

Here is another proof that the revolver is very dangerous in the world! This dangerous revolver also harm the owner so handle with care…lol

One of The Dangerous Revolver In The World -01

One of The Dangerous Revolver In The World-02

One of The Dangerous Revolver In The World-03

One of The Dangerous Revolver In The World-04

0 thoughts on “One of The Dangerous Revolver In The World”

  1. The bullet blew up in the cartridge, if your a handgun owner you would know there’s a chance of that happening. Don’t blame the handgun it was either a faulty bullet or the owner didn’t clean his gun as often as he should.

  2. dumbass owner is a dumbass for not taking care of his weapon. this is proof that retards with weapons is good so evolution can take over.

  3. Yeah I wonder if he caught some shrapnel from that one? Looks like a .357 maybe. If he didn’t get hit I bet it scared the hell out of him.

  4. A revolver should never do that, even if very dirty. I’m guessing the owner of this gun is a handloader, and he over charged (or accidentally double charged) the round. (Put too much powder in.)

    Some people shoot what are called wildcat loads. That in itself is not evil, it just means they are using an experimental bullet and powder combination. However not all of them do it safely. A few of them are wackos who in effect try to see how much powder they can put in the cartridge without blowing up the gun.

    I was at the range last week when a handloader’s gun exploded. I only witnessed the aftermath. It was a Sig .50 pistol and the owner’s hand swelled way up, and his skin was scorched black by the powder. No blood though, luckily. I feel fortunate there was a concrete wall between his lane and mine! There was a big hole in the side of the gun. Scary stuff… I assume this guy did it by accident. (Nobody would push the limits on an autoloading pistol.)

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  6. @ Ruggy

    If by “Sig” you are referring to Sig Sauer, and by “.50” you mean a fifty-caliber pistol, then I am sorry to inform you sir, but you are wrong. Sig Sauer does not make a .50 caliber pistol… of any kind.

  7. What’s missing here is information about manufacturer, caliber, etc. I can think of one case where this could happen, beyond poor materials and that is putting a .357 round in a .38 pistol. Without going into the history, they both share the same casing and bullet dimensions EXCEPT the .357 is a bit longer and has more powder. This creates more pressure than the .38. A .38 pistol is designed to withstand the chamber pressure for a .38 round. A .357 pistol is designed to handle the created chamber pressure that a .357 bullet creates. It appears someone may have put a .357 round in a .38 pistol, which it is not designed to withstand. On the other hand, shooting .38 through a .357 in general is not a problem because the chamber pressure of the .38 is way below the pressure requirement for a .357 round. Check with your local gunsmith.


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