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40 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men

Most of the dangerous works done by men and sometimes they don’t care about safety first. Take a look at these 40 funny safety fail pictures of men that confirms why women live longer than men.


40 Epic Fail Pictures of Clothing Designs That Will Shock You

Designing a cloth is an art and fashion designers are always trying to impress fashion lovers by providing some new concepts. Here are 40 epic fail pictures of clothing designs that fail to impress and shock you. Check out hilarious fashion fails here.


Funny And Weird Valentine Couple That is So Cute

Dog never kiss cats as both are enemies but on this valentine day look at this funny dog-cat couple kissing. One of the weird valentine couple of the day…lol


22 Pictures that Prove You Have a Dirty Mind

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50 People Having Too Much Fun With Statues

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The New Belly Button Challenge Is Going Viral – 25 Photos

A new viral trend called the belly button challenge is quickly taking the internet by storm with #BellyButtonChallenge hashtag. Why is everyone twisting themselves to touch their belly button from behind?