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12 Awkward Hangover Snapchat Photos Of The Day

What is the best way to get through your ever so terrible hangover? By sending ridiculous Snapchats, of course! See how hangover day look like via Snapchats.


Funny Image Of Motorcycle Towing Service

We already post the weird and funny transport system of animals here and now we found another funny image of motorcycle towing service. Towing is the process of pulling or drawing behind a chain, line, bar or some other form of couplings. Towing is most visibly performed by road vehicles, but anything from waterborne vessels to tractors to people can tow cargo. Look at this towing service, this is one of the weird and funniest ever…lol


Funny Ford Advertisement That is Interesting

Ford Motors were always looking for good sale of their cars and to increase the sell they design awesome ads. Here are the funny ads of the new Ford Focus.


Post Honey Bunches Advertisement

Here is creative and funny breakfasts advertisement from the Advertising Agency: Regev-kavitzky, Tel Aviv, Israel. Check out the funny ad pictures.