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Funny Homemade Bicycle Made From Jet Engine

Have you seen funny bicycle made by Raul Oaida which is propelled with a self-built jet engine and poses with his bicycle inside a workshop before a road test in the back of his house in Deva.


Unusual Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Red Gold Dream Car

Swiss billionaire Ueli Anlicker is selling his Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Red Gold Dream. It has a 1000 horsepower engine, 600 rubies, and diamonds and is covered by gold. So you can buy this car if you have $11,000,000.


Unusual Car Garden Will Blow Your Mind

May be this is non of use and that’s why owner grew some plants inside the car which looks very funny and unusual. One of the weird garden car I have seen….lol


Additional New Belt In Airplane Will Help You Lot

We all know about seat belts in airplane but this is a new type of belt for head, this is very useful while like to sleep…lol. Take a look at this additional new belt in the Airplane that will help you lot.


Funny Rooster Car That is Really Creative

What a funny cock car, it looks very creative and weird. Before few days I found Awesome Funny Strange And Weird Cars but can’t find this funny creative rooster car in that photos….lol