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Amazing Captures Entire Alphabet In Cloud

You have to admire her persistence, and neck muscles, because this collection of sky letters has taken 300 hours to compile.

‘It has become a real passion,’ said Daniele from her home in Zurich, Switzerland.

‘I find myself constantly looking up into the sky and seeing different pictures and shapes. ‘After I saw the letter ‘‘L’’ I decided to spot the whole alphabet. As far as I know no one has found all 26 letters in the clouds before.’

It has to be said some of the letters are not exactly crystal clear. But that’s obviously where the fun lies.

And over the years she has found many interesting shapes, including a sleeping baby, dog, dragon, heart and face.

Mrs Siebenhaar turns many of her cloud photos into birthday and Christmas cards and has done 12 exhibitions. ‘It is not as easy as it looks to spot the different shapes. It needs patience and experience,’ she said.

‘My favourite shape was a sleeping baby, which I spotted at home two years ago. It looks like it is lying up in the sky and smiling as it sleeps.’

The 70-year-old widow with three sons and eight grandchildren said her family are very supportive of her hobby.

‘When they go on holiday they always send me postcards with nice clouds.’

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