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30 Funny Valentines Day Cards That are Mind-blowing

Most people have had enough of the typical Hallmark-style Valentine’s Day card but people with a naughty sense of humor or an unusual approach to romance, there are fun and creative cards like these! Take a look at these 30 funny Valentines Day Cards that are mind-blowing.

50 Epic Architectural Fails That Are Most Embarrassing

After watching these 50 epic architectural fails, you might think how they got their architect degree? An architect plays a significant role in construction. There is always almost little, or no room for error, but sometimes fails in the design and a conceptual flaw will be visible for everyone to see if they do commit a mistake during the process.

20 Snapchats Too Good To Disappear Forever

20 Snapchats too good to disappear forever. These funny snapchats are all masterpieces that just came from a phone and doesn’t need oil paint & frame to make a genius level art.