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They say Love is blind. And some of perfectly mismatched Hollywood real life couples prove this to the core. There’s no contradiction that they are happily married couples, courtesy all their understanding and love, the central elements of a happy married life, but they score a bit low when to comes to looks and physical match.
Getting the best angle and perspective for a photo just right can sometimes be very complicated, but these crazy photographers don't mind it – when it comes to taking the perfect picture, they will do whatever it takes.
Due to some ridiculous people of Walmart, some people hate shopping at Walmart stores. You must like the some of the weird, and most hilarious Walmart customers.
Meanwhile in Canada. Looking at the lighter side of life in Canada. Don't miss 40 Funny meanwhile in Canada photos that will blow your mind.
Have you ever seen epic fail people at the gas station? You might be able to see such ridiculous funny pictures when refueling goes wrong. Check out 31 funny gas station moments that will shock you - fail compilation of the day.