Funny Illegal Photo Taken By Cell Phone


Cell phone is made for communication purpose but every day companies add some new features and make gadget powerful. But some features decreases the privacy and increases the illegal use. Recent mobile phone comes with HD recoding camera. Looks those both guys in the picture what they are doing….Lol

Funny Photo Capture
  • Anonymous

    What are you talking about? I don’t see anything illegal. The guy on the left doesn’t even have a cellphone, it’s a GBA SP.

  • Bosi

    they’re not doing ANYTHING wrong o_O they even don’t give a f***k about that woman…

  • Jack



    You FAIL here to show what is illegal. KNOW this, YOU are showing your brainwashing. SHE is in the PUBLIC, her PRIVACY is NOT being violated. Meanwhile, it is OK for GOVERNMENT of US to put cameras in your KIDS notebook computers to SPY on them isn’t it ??